Amazon S3 Bucket

Available Metrics

Possible metric types that can be tracked on a given resource.

Metric Type Data Type Description
Allows for aggregating existing metrics over a period of time. Useful for running sums or averages; also for extracting single data item from collection-based metrics
Tracks Amazon CloudWatch metrics using latest AWS API - more info is here.
Allows for deriving new metrics from existing ones. Useful for combining existing metrics together or for multiplying metrics by a factor
Allows for tracking of metrics from other resources. Useful when it is important to evaluate metrics from different resources side-by-side
Tracks overall status of the resource. This is an important metric as it is used to drive Uptime reports. Possible values: Ready, Down, Unknown and in some cases Stopped
Measures time to connect to resource

Available Commands

Possible commands that can be executed on a given resource. Ultimate subscription is required.

Command Type Description
WebRequest Runs custom WebRequest to specified URL

Default Templates

CloudMonix provided default monitoring templates.

Pre-configured Metrics

Metric Name Metric Type Description
NumberOfObjects AmazonCloudWatchMetric Tracks objects count of monitored Bucket.
ResponseTime ResponseTime Response time in milliseconds
Size AmazonCloudWatchMetric Tracks Bucket size in bytes
Status ResourceStatus Tracks the overall readiness status of the monitored resource. Possible values are: Ready, Down, Stopped and Unknown

Pre-configured Alerts

Alert Name Expression Severity Description
Resource Outage Status == "Down" Error Fires an alert if overall resource status is "Down" for sustained period of time