Amazon SQL Server Database

Available Metrics

Possible metric types that can be tracked on a given resource.

Metric Type Data Type Description
Allows for aggregating existing metrics over a period of time. Useful for running sums or averages; also for extracting single data item from collection-based metrics
Tracks Amazon CloudWatch metrics using latest AWS API - more info is here.
Tracks the number of open sessions for the given database.
Tracks the size of the database in megabytes.
RequestingSessionId Int32
RequestingHost String
RequestingUser String
RequestingText String
ObjectName String
ResourceType String
Mode String
BlockingSessionId Int32
BlockingHost String
BlockingUser String
BlockingText String
Tracks queries that are currently blocking each other, with specific SQL and session IDs.
Tracks the number of deadlocking queries.
Host String
SessionId Int16
LoginName String
LastRequestTime DateTime
CpuTime Int32
Reads Int32
Writes Int32
Status String
Transactions Int32
Tracks currently open connections and their associated information (host, username, etc) to the monitored database.
SessionId Int32
Status String
Host String
User String
LoginTime DateTime
SessionCpu Int32
RequestCpu Int32
SessionMemory Int32
ElapsedTime Int32
Command String
Text String
Tracks currently executing queries and their associated information (host, username, SQL, etc.)
Tracks numeric value from custom user-defined SQL statement.
Tracks a table-based collection of data retrieved via user-defined SQL statement.
ExecutionCount Int64
TotalWorkerTime Int64
AverageCpuTime Int64
TotalReads Int64
TotalWrites Int64
Text String
Tracks top 10 (by combined utilization) queries and their associated information (SQL, utilization, etc). This metric can help DBAs optimize ineffective queries.
Allows for deriving new metrics from existing ones. Useful for combining existing metrics together or for multiplying metrics by a factor
Allows for tracking of metrics from other resources. Useful when it is important to evaluate metrics from different resources side-by-side
Tracks overall status of the resource. This is an important metric as it is used to drive Uptime reports. Possible values: Ready, Down, Unknown and in some cases Stopped
Measures time to connect to resource
Tracks performance counters defined as individual metrics. Any performance counter might be tracked.
Server String
Instance String
Value Double
Tracks multi-instance performance counters. It returns an array of PerformanceCounterInstance objects for each counter instance.

Available Commands

Possible commands that can be executed on a given resource. Ultimate subscription is required.

Command Type Description
CustomSqlDatabaseScript Runs custom SQL script on specified database
WebRequest Runs custom WebRequest to specified URL

Default Templates

CloudMonix provided default monitoring templates.

Pre-configured Metrics

Metric Name Metric Type Description
BlockingQueries DatabaseSqlBlockingQueries Disabled by default. Tracks queries that are blocking each other (metric disabled by default because it can add load to the database)
BlockingQueryCount DatabaseSqlBlockingQueries Tracks blocking (possibly dead-locking) queries
ConnectionList DatabaseSqlConnections Tracks the list of open connections against the database. This metric is a multi-dimensional array
ConnectionsActive DatabaseActiveSessionCount Tracks number of open connections to the database
Cpu AmazonCloudWatchMetric Average value of CPU utilization for the monitored SQL Amazon database
QueriesInProgress DatabaseSqlCurrentQueries Tracks currently executing queries
ReadIOPS AmazonCloudWatchMetric Tracks Read IOPS of current database instance
ResponseTime ResponseTime Tracks resource's response time. Metric measures how long it took to open an active connection to SQL Amazon database in milliseconds
Size DatabaseSize Tracks database size in MBs
Status ResourceStatus Tracks the overall readiness status of the monitored resource. Possible values are: Ready, Down, Stopped and Unknown
TopQueries DatabaseSqlTopQueries Tracks top 10 (by highest worker time) queries. Query text display is limited to 100 characters
WriteIOPS AmazonCloudWatchMetric Tracks Write IOPS of current database instance

Pre-configured Alerts

Alert Name Expression Severity Description
Blocking Queries BlockingQueryCount > 0 Warning Raises an alert when blocking queries are detected for 5 minutes sustained
Database Approaching Max Size Size > 1900 Warning Disabled by default. Fires an alert when the size of the database approaches maximum service limit. Customize this alert with proper threshold according to specific database tier, before enabling it. More information on maximum service limits here:
High Utilization Cpu > 80 Warning Raises an alert when either CPU utilization, data reading utilization or log-writing utilization is over 80% for 5 minutes sustained
Open Sessions Approaching Max Limit ConnectionsActive > 275 Warning Disabled by default. Number of open connections (sesssions) is approaching maximum limit. Change the threshold in accordance to your database tier. More information here:
Resource Outage Status == "Down" Error Raises an alert when connectivity cannot be established, after specified number of retries on the Advanced tab for sustained period of time
Slow Response ResponseTime > 15000 Warning Raises an alert if establishing a connection to monitored resource takes over 15 seconds for sustained period of time